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What do you watch on YouTube, MOC?

Today, 12:26 PM

No idea if this is a thread or not.  If it is, I apologize. 


Anyway, I just got a new tablet and I want to binge watch YouTube videos on it.


What do you watch on Youtube, MOC?  Anyone worth subscribing to or checking out?

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Next show you're going to?

Today, 12:21 PM

Childish Gambino. Can't wait. Buying a bottle of macallan for Donald Glover.

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What are you watching (TV)

Today, 12:20 PM

I just discovered/started watching:


It's fantastic and has Kumail Nanjiani (who rules).


I'm keeping up with this show and just watched all of Broad City (which was solid) in one sitting and am up for suggestions of other shows to watch.  I've heard good things about True Detective and will probably give that a whirl soon.


What else are y'all watching and would suggest others to check out if they aren't already watching?

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Whatchya listening to MOC?

Today, 12:17 PM


Been listening to this a lot while MOC was down -- they toured with Joan of Arc apparently, and they've got that super midwest mathy nostalgic sound.

as ever:

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Today, 11:00 AM

I was supposed to go on my first date in a long time today, just a coffee thing. Dude cancelled on me an hour beforehand :(

What are you bummed about, MOC?

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what is awesome for you right now?

Today, 10:52 AM

Posted by math in General Nonsense
I'm taking vacation this week, just turned off all of my wakeup alarms.

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Today, 10:34 AM

Posted by sofoggy in General Nonsense
Ok, so in the episode where rick loses it and goes in and starts to stab that dead zombie body in the stomach...who is that??
Is that lori's body or just some random zombie??
I thought they buried her body but maybe I am wrong.

I do not like Andrea, and I think Michonne is a pure badass.
Love the show, didn't know it was based off a comic. I plan to read that after awhile but it is nice not knowing what is going to happen next.

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If I could eat anything right now

Today, 09:44 AM

I'd eat pizza, a baked potato, hella loaded, maybe some chicken strips, and mashed potatoes.


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Today, 09:38 AM

let's go!


still just:



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Become a supporter! Donate to MOC, help the site you love, and get stuff!

Today, 09:06 AM

Posted by page-one in General Nonsense

My Dear Makeoutclub,


In the nearly 15 years I've run this place I've not once asked for donations.  We've typically been supported by ad revenue, but in the last 2 years I've paid out of pocket to keep it afloat, and saved up scratch (applying hours of personal free time) and paid for the massive data import, licensing, design, development, hosting, and software to get us back to where we are today.  We will eventually hopefully have advertising revenue coming in again, but right now there's a lot going on and a lot to catch up with.

  • Hosting, upkeep, and transition over the last two years since we moved from legacy MOC cost me around ~800 dollars.
  • The import of all the old 1999-2012 content to this new solution has cost me roughly ~900 dollars.
  • The hosting with our current traffic costs me ~50 dollars a month, but may require an upgrade to ~70 dollars monthly for additional cores, ram, and GB of storage.  I've already paid a year in advance ~350 for a cloud hosting solution that we can expand as we need.
  • The licensing of various platforms, hooks, add-ons, upgrades, and license subscriptions for the current site has cost me ~400 dollars

So, a little over $2000 dollars in personal cash was thrown into this baby, and I was happy to do so.  Not a lot, but a significant chunk of pocket change for a site that isn't currently generating revenue and is completely free.  I'm not expecting all of that back from you.  But even a little donation from everyone to offset the expenses would be a huge help, and any donations beyond my receipts paid would also go towards future upkeep, features, and upgrades.  


What do you get as a Supporter?

At least a $20 dollar suggested donation (though more is welcome and appreciated) will make you a Supporter! You get:

  • No Ads. You won't be shown ads for a year.  Yay!  Next year, you keep ALL your perks and title - that's permanent, and can opt to make another donation to hide ads for another year.
  • Supporter Group Access: You'll be added to the Supporter group, and the title will be displayed on your profile and forum posts.
  • Featured Profile: You'll be given a featured profile supporter shout-out slot for a week in rotation on the homepage
  • Supporter badge: You'll be given a special supporter image badge which appears on your profile block on the boards.  If you are an oldschool member and don't want to lose your cassette badge, it will be an upgraded version of your cassette tape badge.
  • Unique "Army Green" Name Color change: You'll be rewarded a group username color as part of the Supporter group.
  • Help to pick the Supporter title, graphic, and colors with other supporters.
  • 5 name changes: You'll be granted 5 display name changes a year (instead of 1) to use as you wish.
  • More editing time: You'll be given double the editing time allotted (6 minutes) to go back and fix your foot-in-mouth posts before they lock!
  • Unlimited Gallery: You'll be given unlimited albums and upload space in the Gallery.
  • Double the Reputation Power: You'll be able to grant 30 positive rep and 6 negative rep daily.
  • Access to beta features: You'll be able to see new features days or weeks before they go live, and help the MOC team test and review them, providing critical feedback. Be a part of MOC's design and direction!
  • 10 Reputation Points
  • ... and the pleasure of knowing you helped out. <3


If you just want to donate and don't care about the above, or you're a lurker or nonposter that enjoyed the site over the years, the support is also very much appreciated.


How do I donate?


Paypal to support@makeoutclub.com - Include your name, email, and Makeoutclub username (important!) in your paypal send form. Please allow a week or so for me to get to your reward!  Thank you SO much for your help.



DONATED SO FAR : $1110.00


There is NO deadline to support.  Supporter status will be available forever in some form or another, with added perks and features in the future for all who have and who will help out.


:wub:  CURRENT SUPPORTERS!:  :wub:


@Imaginary_Grace - Oldschool/Supporter

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