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post a god damn photo of your fucking pets

Today, 01:24 PM

Posted by fritz in General Nonsense

this is adele


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Today, 12:57 PM

Posted by KCAPFLOW in General Nonsense
Starting this again...I recall it was pretty popular...

I expanded my Brit Motorsports Fleet today

Hello Cooper!

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9 Thoughts About This Actual Butthole in an American Apparel Ad

Today, 11:01 AM

Posted by page-one in General Nonsense

So, um... a bit old news but this article is killing me.


Source : http://thoughtcatalo...can-apparel-ad/


Regarding: http://americanappar...merican-apparel


  • I feel like we’re way overdue for glorifying the butthole. Like, there’s nothing wrong with a butthole. I know that a lot of people know that, and embrace their own buttholes, as well as the buttholes of others; some people unabashedly celebrate the butthole. But as a whole, as a society, we aren’t yet fully loving ourselves anally.
  • In some ways, this ad isn’t even that unrealistic. Sure, there are more appropriate things you could wear on a bike, but anyone who’s ever spent a summer with a bike as their primary form of transportation knows that there are some days when a combination of high temperatures and not giving a fuck result in you biking around wearing as little clothing as possible. The creeps and prudes don’t matter in those moments. Sometimes, it’s just you, the road, the heat, and your butthole in the breeze.
  • Even models’ buttholes are more photogenic than normal buttholes.
  • I feel like if her eyes weren’t cropped out of this, it would feel entirely different. Like, maybe they’re predictably blank, fuck-doll eyes, but what if they were wide open, terrified, OMG IT’S RIGHT BEHIND ME eyes? They pretty much had to crop out the eyes so you wouldn’t get distracted from dat ass.
  • Wait, we are right behind her. Doesn’t this feel like she’s trying to haul ass away from the audience? Are we supposed to assume that she’s looking back in a coy, “hey, follow me, let’s have sexy fun!” way, as opposed to a “Please leave me alone and stop staring at my butthole” way? Isn’t that assumption on the part of the viewer – and the assumption by American Apparel that we would make that assumption – indicative of a really unhealthy sense of entitlement to women’s bodies and the notion that, just by existing and having buttholes, they are implicitly consenting for you to look and follow (and…???) This is getting dark.
  • “They pretty much had to crop out the eyes so you wouldn’t get distracted from dat ass.” – I think this is a direct quote from the “How To Objectify And Dehumanize The Female Body To Sell Things” handbook.
  • This is also very body-positive. Possibly rape-positive too. But body-positive for sure. Don’t shame the butthole.
  • That thong looks really comfortable as far as thongs go and I would like to buy several.
  • I understand that, ultimately, me writing this is all American Apparel wanted. They weren’t making a statement. They weren’t being exploitative. They just wanted people to write about them and maybe sell some extra thongs as a result. Advertising is less about who you can pay to promote your products and more about what you can do to get people to talk about them for free.

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Pictures of shit you love in your house or workplace

Today, 06:06 AM

Posted by BADWOLF in General Nonsense

Here is some stuff in my house that I really love. 


Ghostbusters photo and Jurassic Park Burger King watches


Thrift store mug



Vinyl Martian and Spudz Mackenzie Budweiser insulated beer mug



Giant Okie map

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Today, 06:02 AM

Posted by Hollow in General Nonsense

(or those of you who know awesome meatless recipes)


What are some of your favorite meals/recipes that are relatively simple, or not too weird for non-vegetarians.  I've found some nice blogs and websites for this, but I'm curious as to what kind of things you all make that everyone* can enjoy.  


I've been to a lot of potlucks lately, and I have one tomorrow, and I wanted to try something different than what I've already made.  Plz share <3


*dunn rly care bout vegans

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ATTN: Listen to my band pls!

Today, 05:40 AM

hi, my name is Tsvetelina...i'm in a threepeice electro/dance/noise/sceamo band called All Systems a GoGo. We have a few songs up to listen to here: http://www.myspace.com/allsystemsagogo and check out our website: http://allsystemsagogo.com any comments welcome...hate us love us...we'll always love you. ;o)

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Today, 05:10 AM

Posted by bradarad in General Nonsense
i'm sure this thread's been done before but whatever.

so last night Summer added a bunch of movies to streaming Netflix, and we were kind of in the mood for something scary. so one that she added was Last House On The Left. unbeknownst to her it was the original 1972 Wes Craven version. which may just be the WORST "horror" movie i have ever seen. also the most not scary.

not sure if you've seen it, but if you have, you will know that all the scenes that are supposed to be tense and scary are paired with Benny Hill-style goofy music or tripped out bongo-laden mystical crap that just makes the whole movie laughable. add on horrible acting, dialogue, script, and the worst part: CINEMATOGRAPHY AND DIRECTION. the chase scenes had everyone running at best a speedwalk, and the one girl gets so far ahead of her attacker she is on the other side of a river yet he still catches up with her. by walking hurriedly.

anyway. a good amount of nudity and rape. so there was that.

Posted Image
^ this link better show up

Posted Image

great idea, horribly executed. do want to see the new one though.

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what is awesome for you right now?

Today, 04:25 AM

Posted by math in General Nonsense
I'm taking vacation this week, just turned off all of my wakeup alarms.

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1st World Problems Thread

Today, 02:33 AM

Posted by KCAPFLOW in General Nonsense
CGI looks super cheesy on blu-ray on my ledtv especially when in 3d mode.

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