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RuPaul's Drag Race season 6 predictions and discussion.

Today, 04:17 PM

Posted by page-one in General Nonsense



@anomie and I are fucking addicted and have seen all seasons... Interesting shit this season is the inclusion of NY legend "club kid style" queen MILK and fucking DANNY NORIEGA (remember that scrappy pup from American Idol?)  There's also Courtney Act, who is fishy as shit and makes all the other queens furious... http://en.wikipedia....ki/Courtney_Act


...dramz so far are just warming up but if anyone watches this, here's the thread for it... About to watch episode 3 (where the two groups of girls meet...)



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Today, 04:14 PM

Is there any fellow down under'rers here, or am I all alone in this god forsaken place? 

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Mimic the previous poster's avatar

Today, 04:10 PM

Posted by schojo in General Nonsense

this might be fun?

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Hey, weird stupid question but

Today, 04:10 PM

Do a lot of people die in that city called 'salem' in massachusetts? /: If not, how dangerous is it? Is it visitable?

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1st World Problems Thread

Today, 04:08 PM

Posted by DRACULA in General Nonsense
CGI looks super cheesy on blu-ray on my ledtv especially when in 3d mode.

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Today, 04:06 PM

I was supposed to go on my first date in a long time today, just a coffee thing. Dude cancelled on me an hour beforehand :(

What are you bummed about, MOC?

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Hallowen's a comin', Halloweeeeen is uh comin

Today, 04:04 PM

Posted by BADWOLF in General Nonsense




Anybody know what they're going to be this year?

Wanna talk about what you did last year?

I saw a post from Jess on IG or something where she thought she might be Pris from Bladerunner, good option for the corpse hair and all. 



I still think she could make a great Adam Ant from the Stand and Deliver video. 





The lady and I blew through several ideas. First I was going to be a Star Trek captain and she was going to be an Andorian. Then we were going to do a Bojack Horseman thing. 


We waited so long though we are thinking about something more simple now. Zombie/and zombie hunter. 

I just don't know. 

I've got an old Jesus costume I could dust off. 

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Today, 04:02 PM

My friend is having her birthday be a themed karaoke party and my mind draws a blank when it comes to oldschool 90s songs that will get everyone dancing and also will be easy to sing.


I'm anticipating that I will be very, very smashed and my voice won't annoy anyone because they'll be too busy Instagramming or something anyway.


Suggestions, GO!

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Whatchya listening to MOC?

Today, 03:58 PM


Been listening to this a lot while MOC was down -- they toured with Joan of Arc apparently, and they've got that super midwest mathy nostalgic sound.

as ever:

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Halloween 2014

Today, 03:15 PM

Haaappy happy halloween! halloween! halloween! Haaapy happy haloween! Silverrr shamrock!

October has kinda sucked this year, no one seems to have put up any decorations or show any scary movies on the television. How's your area? Does any one have decorations up? I'm going to watch the pumpkin carver and ernest scared stupid and probably play the evil within. /: So happy early halloween!

(yes i'm aware it's 2 days away)

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