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Celebrity Death Pool 2015

Today, 12:58 AM

I guess this has become my thing around the new year.

So here we go. 2015
Now's your chance to predict the untimely death of celebs and gain cool points with strangers on the Internet.

The rules are simple.

1. Pick 5 celebrities that you think will kick the bucket between January 1- December 31 2015

2. Only one person can choose a celebrity, so make sure you read the thread and pay attention to who has been picked.

3. Scores are calculated by subtracting the celebs age at the time of death from 100. (for example, if Miley Cyrus dies next year at the age of 21, 100-21=79)[attachment=1248:image.jpg][attachment=1248:image.jpg]

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What do you have in common with other MOCers?

Today, 12:50 AM

Posted by el_Uste in General Nonsense

Whether it be major or superficial, which MOCers can you identify with, and why? 

(Inspired by @foxmulder 's comment in the Confessions Thread)



@blackarm - We've both got the desire to be closer to NYC than the Jersey Shore despite spending a lot of time living there. 


@indiansummer - We've got a lot of overlapping film interests. 


@BoosterGold - We're short rabble-rousers.


@Dr_Funkenstein - I think we have a similar sarcastic/absurdist sense of humor. 


@deathbymsgboard - ETID & WWE 



I want to get deeper than this. 

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A thread for the subjects that aren't worth their own thread.

Today, 12:48 AM

I'm eating raw top ramen.


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Genital Piercings

Yesterday, 09:34 PM

Posted by JSNLevi in General Nonsense

A lover recently got a VCH piercing and it's just getting to the point where it's healed up enough that we can play around down there again.




She is so sensitive now that everything I do is groundshattering. I feel like a goddamn champion and she's getting off like it's going out of style.


Do you folks have experiences with downtown modifications?

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Annoying shit. SHITS ANNOYING

Yesterday, 07:30 PM

Is there a thread for shit you find annoying? Because there should be!

Just read a post on facebook about someone buying their daughter a coach backpack for the first day of kindergarten. My god...

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mocs worst posters

Yesterday, 07:10 PM

Posted by makes in General Nonsense
cast your votes and list as many as youd like


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what is awesome for you right now?

Yesterday, 05:07 PM

Posted by math in General Nonsense
I'm taking vacation this week, just turned off all of my wakeup alarms.

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Yesterday, 04:20 PM

Have you guys ever dealt with a stalker? What was it like and how did you deal with it? What were they stalking you for? I don't mean to make light of something potentially horrible but sometimes looking back on these things it can be amusing Or at the very least interesting to hear other people's personal accounts and how they dealt with this. Did it ever get serious/did you have to take legal action?

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New tattoo thread.

Yesterday, 03:57 PM

I don't want this to end up being a bunch of " when I turn 18 I want a dream catcher tramp stamp" got new tatty zappers? Post Em here .

This us my new panther ram dragon we got weird on it.

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recent vinyl purchases thread

Yesterday, 01:09 PM

Posted by jubs in General Nonsense
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

what about yall?

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