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Today, 02:36 PM

Posted by BADWOLF in General Nonsense
It's 20 degrees here, there's an impending ice/snow storm, and the average Oklahoman is losing their shit. It would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetic.

Tried to do some grocery shopping yesterday and people act like a scene from an apocalyptic movie grabbing and fighting for everything off of the shelves. (hyperbole)

Everything threatens to close down.

The people here are pansies when it comes to "winter weather". And everybody who has lived in colder climes makes fun of them.

At least I am not in Scotland right now where they have 145mph winds. Yikes.

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Current Events

Today, 02:30 PM

Posted by BADWOLF in General Nonsense

This is definitely worth it's own thread but maybe I need a current events thread to talk abut such insane shit?


So there was a "failed assassination attempt" in Sophia Bulgaria. Did you guys see this?






What the everloving fuck.  

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Confessions 2.0

Today, 02:11 PM

Posted by ADD_Kid in General Nonsense
I liked the old confessions thread so yeah... here's the sequel.
Let me go first:
I still can'ts reads music. And dear Lord I tried. Got more, but now it's your turn to spill your guts.

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post your favorite gifs

Today, 01:58 PM


found these today

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How old were you the first time you...

Today, 12:13 PM

Let's see who was a late/early bloomer!


How old were you the first time you (and how old are you now?):


Drank (more than a sip):

Tongue kissed:

Had your first relationship (real one - not grade school style):

Smoked weed:

Lost your virginity:

Moved out:


1 - 2 - 3 - GO!


(I am 29 now)


Drank: 17


Kissed: 14


Had your first relationship: 17


Smoked weed: 25


Lost your virginity: 17


Moved out of your parents house: 17


(17 was a big year for me, apparently)

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Dear MOC, What Do You Sound Like?

Today, 07:27 AM

So, my new thing is recording messages for friends instead of emailing. I find that it is more fluid. I want to hear what you guys all sound like! Post a recording of your voice here. We can even direct questions to each other like an interview. Don't be shy!





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Generic Dr. Who thread

Today, 07:25 AM

check this out....we all read Goodnight Moon when we were kids right? well someone wrote a spoof/parody called Goodnight, Pond


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Just had a dream about a MOCer (v2)

Yesterday, 11:34 PM

Posted by el_Uste in General Nonsense
I was set up in an arranged marriage with Hilary. I didn't think it was a good idea. Also there was a giant tree that looked like her.

Elsewhere in the dream was the band Tool, who it turns out got a record deal because they cornered a record exec in a pool.

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Dear MOC: A call out for love, good vibes and support during some major life trauma...

Yesterday, 10:07 PM

So I am generally the type of person who keeps this shit to myself but I don't feel like that is an option anymore if I want to stop myself from drowning in the sea of chaos that is my life right now...


The last week of my life in short:


Last Monday night I got back from Edmonton where I was visiting friends and fam. On the three hour trip back to Calgary I spent the entire bus ride talking to my incredible sister in Berlin and I finally admitted to myself that there were a lot of damaging things going on in my marriage that I have been completely ignoring and oblivious to. I decided on that bus ride that it would be best if my puppy Hazel and I stayed with friends for a while while my husband and I take some much needed time apart to work on some very important issues.


I texted my best friend while I was getting into Calgary and see if I could stay at her place. When she finally responded to me she sent me a text that read "I just tried to off myself". I immediately called 911 (while the bus was unloading) and spent 15 fucking minutes on the phone confirming unimportant details and begging them to send someone to her apartment. After much too long they finally confirmed that police where on the way. I caught a cab and arrived at the same time as the police in front of her building. At this point she hadn't responded to any of the 100 texts or my phone calls and I started preparing myself for the worst. It took another 30 minutes for the police to get permission to break down her door and I was on the floor in her hall trying to mentally prepare to find my best friend's dead body inside. Once they broke in they found her naked and unconscious in her full bathtub with a knife and surrounded by empty vodka bottles. They were able to wake her up but she couldn't talk or walk. I called her parents and helped dress her and got her to the ambulance... She was safe thank fucking god.


After all of this... I found out from my step mom on Sunday that my dad is very sick and will likely need open heart surgery later this week. He didn't want me to know because of everything else happening in my life. There has been more major trauma this week and to say this has been the worst week of my life would be an understatement. Please keep me in your thoughts while I work through this dark period and evolution. I am heading back to Edmonton today indefinitely to be with my family.



Vanessa Rae.

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