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Where should I move.

Today, 06:01 PM

I turned 25 today and have spent all of those years in Chicago and I need out. So I'm asking the site where I got my BEST friend and WORST ex...


Where does a queer boy move to who's only ever lived in a big city?


NOTE: I will never learn how to drive.

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So That Just Happened...

Today, 05:40 PM

This is a thread for the little, funny stories that happened to you recently.

A young woman came up to my register today at work and asked for 2 packs of Marlboro 100s. Looking behind me and seeing all the different variaties of Marlboro's, I asked her if she could be more specific. She shrugged and told me she didn't know; she admitted she was buying them for someone else. I told her I had to see the ID of who was receiving them and she asked me, "Oh well can we say that they're for me?" It took everything to not laugh at her and I politely declined the sale. I get so few joys outta my work other than turning down dumb teens like her.

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New? Introduce yourself here!

Today, 05:21 PM

Posted by page-one in General Nonsense



Like the title says: Introduce yourselves in this thread if you're a new user or returning from hiatus.  :)


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Today, 05:17 PM

Lame ass, lame asses.

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what do you all do when you find some guy passed out in the street?

Today, 05:14 PM

Posted by LSD in General Nonsense

What is the right thing to do?


I just called the ambulance, but now I sort of feel bad about it.

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Today, 03:57 PM

I was supposed to go on my first date in a long time today, just a coffee thing. Dude cancelled on me an hour beforehand :(

What are you bummed about, MOC?

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Dear MOC, What cell phone plan/carrier do you have?

Today, 08:20 AM

Posted by Carl in General Nonsense
Do you like it?
Do you LOVE it?
(Do you want some more of it?)

How much do you pay per month?

I'm on sprint right now but their coverage sucks a big hairy butthole around here so I'm switching soon, and I need some internet strangers' opinions on the matter.

Also gonna get a new phone... Any suggestions?

Tyvm, ttyl, ttfn

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Celebs that you have a boner for.

Today, 12:18 AM

post them.

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i hate myself and want to die

Yesterday, 02:30 PM

Posted by JSNLevi in General Nonsense
i think it says something that i only feel comfortable telling you strangers on the web, but i need to tell someone. im dying and i dont see any reason to fix it. every morning, i cough up blood because i cant quit smoking and am so sick to my stomach that water makes me puke because i cant quit drinkinng.

i dont really want anything out of this thread other than the opportunity to put it out there and to let you all know that after fifteen years of posting i probably wont be around here much longer.

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What are you working on MOC? (Not art)

Yesterday, 01:52 PM

  1. Keeping it together.

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