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30+ MOCers only

Today, 02:22 PM

Ok, so I know there a few of us on here. I have been away from MOC for a LONG time. I want to say ten years, but I have a feeling MOC hasnt even been around that long. I have recently found myself back here because I want some anonymous interaction. You know, wax philosophic and get all pedantic and shit. Anyway, Im feeling WAAAAAAAY out of touch lately. Its a bit confusing to me because Im getting this sort of sinking feeling that maybe I was always a little out of touch, I was just really good at fooling myself that everything was ok.
Meanwhile back in reality, everything was NOT ok.

I dunno, maybe Im being a bit melodramatic, but I feel like one of those people that is going to start whining about the "way things use to be" and "the good ole days". Fuck.

SHoot me now.

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Today, 01:16 PM

Posted by bees in General Nonsense
So I am all caught up with my This American Life and the Moth podcasts and I like to listen to them on my way to work. Which podcast do you guys subscribe to?

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Is this thing on?

Today, 01:14 PM

God damn. MoC is boring as fuck these days


I summon the ancient demons of MoC. Return to us and restore MoC to its former glory.


Ave Satanus!





Or we could just like email them or something... Who should we summon first?

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Dumb stuff you find inexplicably hilarious

Today, 07:55 AM

The shibe doge thing has really caused me to laugh way harder than I could ever reasonably justify

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Whatchya listening to MOC?

Today, 06:02 AM


Been listening to this a lot while MOC was down -- they toured with Joan of Arc apparently, and they've got that super midwest mathy nostalgic sound.

as ever:

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Your vocabulary.

Aug 01 2015 03:55 PM

ITT: Things you think only you and/or your circle of friends say frequently.

I'll start.

Donezo (finished),
beast (can be used as any form of speech),
Brohan (condensed form of "Bro" and "Gohan")
Broku (condensed form of "Bro" and "Goku")

I'm sure there's more but I'm fucking tired, sue me. Let's do this.

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Aug 01 2015 11:51 AM

Starting this again...I recall it was pretty popular...

I expanded my Brit Motorsports Fleet today

Hello Cooper!

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Celebrity Death Pool 2015

Jul 31 2015 07:18 PM

I guess this has become my thing around the new year.

So here we go. 2015
Now's your chance to predict the untimely death of celebs and gain cool points with strangers on the Internet.

The rules are simple.

1. Pick 5 celebrities that you think will kick the bucket between January 1- December 31 2015

2. Only one person can choose a celebrity, so make sure you read the thread and pay attention to who has been picked.

3. Scores are calculated by subtracting the celebs age at the time of death from 100. (for example, if Miley Cyrus dies next year at the age of 21, 100-21=79)[attachment=1248:image.jpg][attachment=1248:image.jpg]

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