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Annoying shit. SHITS ANNOYING

Today, 10:40 AM

Is there a thread for shit you find annoying? Because there should be!

Just read a post on facebook about someone buying their daughter a coach backpack for the first day of kindergarten. My god...

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See MOC. See MOC cook.

Today, 10:28 AM

i know i get super obnoxious with all of my "OMG MOC SEE WHAT I MADE???"
but i also get super excited whenever i make, um, anything.
so then i don't really care that i'm being annoying.

so i'm going to limit all of my posing with food to this thread.
and you guys should all take pictures of your glorious foods too so i can see them and steal all of your best ideas.

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Whatchya listening to MOC?

Today, 09:00 AM


Been listening to this a lot while MOC was down -- they toured with Joan of Arc apparently, and they've got that super midwest mathy nostalgic sound.

as ever:

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Where did the old cooking thread go?!

Today, 08:00 AM

Post awesome things you cook here!!



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Today, 07:47 AM

Posted by robert in General Nonsense

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Today, 07:41 AM

Posted by bees in General Nonsense
So I am all caught up with my This American Life and the Moth podcasts and I like to listen to them on my way to work. Which podcast do you guys subscribe to?

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Hey, MOC, would you have sex with...

Today, 06:49 AM

Posted by Guest_Hangshai_* in General Nonsense

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Today, 06:31 AM

Soooo I have an embarrassing habit of looking at "women-related" webforums that have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with my life. Primarily relationship drama/infidelity sites (because it is an amazing source of indirect drama omg), but sometimes, when I am free-bleeding on a towel, i go and look at baby/pregnancy webforums and read the hilarious stories about bloated women peeing themselves in public and stare at amazing nurseries that cost more than everything i own altogether. 


Usually I ignore the photos of the pregnant women themselves, but this time I didn't and I FOUND A MOCCER POSTING FORMER, PREGNANT AND POST-PREGNANCY PHOTOS.



THERES EVEN A LEOTARD. ITS SO MOC. i dunno if i am a big enough dick to post the pictures, but i'm considering it. 

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I woke up naked, alone and found panties next to my bed.

Today, 05:42 AM

so this happened to me a few days ago. on thursday, i went to coney island and my neck decided to get a pinched nerve by just turning to the right. i spent the whole day getting drunk and avoiding the pain. my friend who's visiting from portland and i sat on the beach and she said that we should go in the water. we went in half way and dared me to go all in and i didn't want to because coney island water is disgusting but i was drunk, so fuck it. she then took off her clothes and went in too. i was thinking to myself wow, that's pretty awesome and holy shit her tits are amazing. then we sat on the rocks and put our clothes back on before the beach patrol came around and told us that the beach was closed. 


cut to the next day, my neck is still super fucked and i decided to get a massage, that didn't help much... cut to saturday morning. my neck still hurt so i took 2 pain killers that my friend gave me when i was oh so broken hearted, that i've left on my bookshelf for months. my friend said, you really shouldn't be taking 2 of those and i said hey man whatever it's cool! i took it and we went to brunch and i felt myself slipping. we walked home and we watched a movie. i said i needed to take a nap. that nap took 7 hours. i stayed up and drank with her on my fire escape and watched spring breakers. 


we were supposed to go to williamsburg but i was passing out like crazy so i said i should just stay home. 

during the night, i think i remember something happening at night and my dog was barking but i paid no attention because i was really tired.


the next morning, i woke up drowsy as fuck, naked and there are sweatpants and panties next to my bedside. i went and checked on my friend she there she was on my couch bed with her underwear intact... so what the fuck happened? i didn't ask her because i felt it might be awkward. i guess i'll ask her in a few days. she's back in portland now.


was i molested? did i finally black out? i did the smell check and i think it was fine... did i bone and not know i boned?

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