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Whatchya listening to MOC?

Yesterday, 11:26 PM


Been listening to this a lot while MOC was down -- they toured with Joan of Arc apparently, and they've got that super midwest mathy nostalgic sound.

as ever:

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Yesterday, 10:57 PM

And is it any good?

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MOC, what fandom are you apart of?

Yesterday, 09:44 PM

Please, do tell. 

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Hallowen's a comin', Halloweeeeen is uh comin

Yesterday, 09:31 PM

Posted by BADWOLF in General Nonsense




Anybody know what they're going to be this year?

Wanna talk about what you did last year?

I saw a post from Jess on IG or something where she thought she might be Pris from Bladerunner, good option for the corpse hair and all. 



I still think she could make a great Adam Ant from the Stand and Deliver video. 





The lady and I blew through several ideas. First I was going to be a Star Trek captain and she was going to be an Andorian. Then we were going to do a Bojack Horseman thing. 


We waited so long though we are thinking about something more simple now. Zombie/and zombie hunter. 

I just don't know. 

I've got an old Jesus costume I could dust off. 

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Dumb stuff you find inexplicably hilarious

Yesterday, 09:26 PM

The shibe doge thing has really caused me to laugh way harder than I could ever reasonably justify

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OkStupid...Pt. Whatever

Yesterday, 09:18 PM

Posted by stabs in General Nonsense

resigned up for okc....lolwut results to be posted here


"Hey! :)

I really enjoyed your profile.

I'm Brandon, I do stand-up comedy full time and I also produce music.

Anyways, maybe you could come to one of my shows when I'm in town :)

I should tell you this though...

My ex broke up with me for having what she called an overly large penis. I tell you this because it ruined that relationship and the one previous to it. BOTH times I was blamed for not telling them from the start about it's size.

So, I'm not going to make that mistake again. I need you to know this now, up front, from the start about me.
I'm in no way trying to be rude or perverted. I just don't want to invest time in someone who's not going to like that aspect of me. That's all :)

I hope that doesn't scare you away.

I genuinely hope to hear back from you :)

Your smile is amazing!


Also...LOL that P.S. because NONE of my pics on there are of me smiling.

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Your pumpkins for halloween

Yesterday, 09:04 PM

traumatic head injury presenting as nausea w/ vomitting. Saline drip and bandaged skull and eye. Poor pumpkin shouldn't have been talking trash to the squashes.

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Flashback something something

Yesterday, 05:54 PM

I don't remember if we have one of these threads but I'm not really sure what to look for. I want to make a thread with pictures of what we used to look like. I know there was a childhood picture thread but I wanted pictures of you guys in your hot teens, twenties, thirties or something like that ;)


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post your favorite gifs

Yesterday, 05:32 PM


found these today

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