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lets talk about hotdog consumption

Today, 01:58 PM

I rarely eat hot dogs. maybe once every couple of years or so unless i see a decent Chicago style being made or what not. However, when ever I get a craving for hotdogs I usually eat three or four in one sitting. Same thing with cereal.

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Dickbutt's Game O' Choices

Today, 01:52 PM

Posted by Dickbutt in General Nonsense

Sure...you COULD go to willyoupressthebutton.com. But I've never been there, outside of screenshots on Reddit, so these are bound to be somewhat original.


Rules are simple: Pick one or the other and elaboration is HIGHLY encouraged. I will post as many choices as I think of them or until this thread inevitably dies.



Never have to go to the bathroom again but for every time you would've, you have chronic pain.




 Being paid $1000 for every shit you take but each consecutive shit is more painful to pass than the former. 

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How are you dressing your hot dog?

Today, 01:19 PM

Whatever sort of HD you consume- traditional, link sausages, non-meat, casing stuffed with non-bologna (looking at you @theotherwhitemeat)


I'll have mine with american cheese & bacon.  maybe corn relish

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Where did the old cooking thread go?!

Today, 12:40 PM

Post awesome things you cook here!!



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Tattoo question

Today, 12:13 PM

Would it be okay for a man (me) to get a tattoo sleeve of stuff like butterflies, hummingbirds, floral, etc.?


A pic to show kinda what i'm talking about



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Celebs that you have a boner for.

Today, 09:38 AM

post them.

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A general WHAT THE FUCK!? thread

Today, 08:49 AM

This is for all your "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!" thoughts.

Now I'm not posting this to make a pro/anti gun point, by any means . But my cousin posted this on Facebook tonight and my drunken brain just can't seem to process that some one could actually even possibly, slightly, believe this? WHAT THE FUCK COUSIN? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!

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Today, 07:19 AM


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Dumb stuff you find inexplicably hilarious

Today, 06:57 AM

The shibe doge thing has really caused me to laugh way harder than I could ever reasonably justify

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Today, 06:11 AM

It's 20 degrees here, there's an impending ice/snow storm, and the average Oklahoman is losing their shit. It would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetic.

Tried to do some grocery shopping yesterday and people act like a scene from an apocalyptic movie grabbing and fighting for everything off of the shelves. (hyperbole)

Everything threatens to close down.

The people here are pansies when it comes to "winter weather". And everybody who has lived in colder climes makes fun of them.

At least I am not in Scotland right now where they have 145mph winds. Yikes.

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