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what's in your home studio?

Yesterday, 05:28 PM

ive been buying some synthesizer related things lately and im going to keep expanding my collection til i die maybe

what kind of synths do you own? FX processors, compressors, etc etc i want to hear of some cool shit to consider

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Who Hates Their Relationship?

Yesterday, 03:57 AM

Posted by atmos77 in General Nonsense

Does anyone else hate the relationship they're in? Seriously?

I've been in this one for the last 10 months, and I swear to god I hate it more and more. I would leave if I could, but I can't, seeing as her life has gone to utter shit, and knowing her, it wouldn't be long until she hurts herself. The story goes that we met in class, and over a few months of talking, I warmed up to the thought of being in a relationship. I asked her out, hoping for the best, and it went great for the first month and a half. We felt a really great connection, and I felt like we were honestly in love.

The problem started in February; being with her made my grades go down a bit, so I got the shit from my parents(another thread as is) which made me have to stop seeing her out of class for a bit. She took it in the worst of ways, making it seem like I was purposely trying to avoid her, that I was mad at her for something, and that I was trying to break up with her. We fought a bit, but we patched things up, and I thought, this could work right? No, because she would never get over it, and always made me feel like shit over it. She always talked about how shit life was for her at home, and how she felt everything she had was dying. It made me feel like utter shit, so I decided to make it as fast of a punishment as I could

I got my grades up, and it was going smoothly, until she basically started forcing me to be with her every day, giving me no chance to have my life, while she got all the leeway to flirt with everyone, and go out with no care. I felt trapped, so I went to break it off, and there she goes, complaining again, putting a knife to her throat, saying she'll do it, and I had no choice. That's when I started hating everything.

She never stopped being so fucking needy, always wanting what she wanted like a child, and always crying when it didn't happen. I worked day and night at my fucking job, so I could keep up with her stupid wants, giving up my fucking life to support her tantrums. It got to the point where in the summer, I signed up for more classes, just to get away from her. And she would never accept it, basically crying, and bothering me in class until I replied to her. I could never shake her off, and I could never get rid of her.

Worse, I finally get my chance to play some shows with my band on the East Coast, as well as see some schools, and she made it her fucking mission to ruin it. Every fucking day, it was more and more bullshit about abandoning her, about being an asshole for wanting to move away from her, and more fucking suicide threats when I tried to break it off. She goes off to one party, even after we agreed no more, and almost gets raped by her idiot friends(even bigger fucking idiots than she is), and now I'm supposed to fucking make her feel better and fix it all a thousand miles away?

So far, this year has been no different. She's needy, childish, idiotic, utterly detached, and utterly fucking ruining everything. I'm trying to keep my sanity, applying to art schools, holding a fucking job, and trying to support everything else I have to do, and she cannot make anything easier. I wish I could break up with her, but I can't, because there hovers the knowledge that she will kill herself in two seconds after I walk out the door. I'm not in the mood to have another dead person on my conscience, but I just want to breath again.

P.S. She's already going to a doctor for all of this, she's already heavily medicated. Her parents are absolute idiots incapable of being there for her, that made her the person she is today.

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Yesterday, 12:12 AM

new to this website and I just wanted to pop in and say hi! not totally sure how this works yet but i could always use some new people to chat with so feel free to shoot me a message.

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So I'm accidentally dating two different guys

Jul 29 2015 08:41 PM

Posted by faggots in General Nonsense



But for real, accidentally. 


First guy I'm really into, but he's trying to move to Austin in the next two months, and so there's obviously not any long term goals with that. But he still wants to date me because he really likes me, blah blah I really don't understand but I like him a lot (embarrassingly) so I'm going with the flow. He's a writer too, and he's got that sarcastic self depreciating dark humor that like, hello, that's me. 


Second guy I'm into but not as much as the first guy. We have a shocking amount of things in common. One of our mutual friends tried to set us up like 2 years ago, but we never actually met up or anything. We matched on tinder (LOL) bc I redownloaded it bc I was pissy about guy 1. But we both run on the edge of the same friend group so we've hung out a couple times and it's always fun seeing him. So we actually went on a date last night. I do like him and really did have a fantastic time with him but did catch myself thinking about guy 1 during date (not a good sign). 


Guy 1 is not looking for a relationship, because he has terrible experience with long distance. Understandable.


Guy 2 on our date last night kept saying things like "I'm keeping you around" and basically inferred that he's interested in a relationship (at some point, idk). 


Have not had exclusivity talkz with either of them.


As a girl I'm like ~dating 2 people at once self conscious guilty~ but like, I shouldn't be.



I should play the field and see how it goes.



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A thread for the subjects that aren't worth their own thread.

Jul 29 2015 08:38 PM

I'm eating raw top ramen.


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I'm drunk

Jul 29 2015 10:22 AM

I like someone who's poly/pan who i make out with regularly but he strings me along when it comes to anything beyond that. I've told him that I like him and he told me I had to meet his partner, but him and his partner broke up like 2 months ago so said by my roommate (we got into an argument after them telling me this because of context and distrust to this person) and I brought this up to him and he, whilst not needing to, said "I need some time."


What I'm saying is, what's your favorite booze? I'm drunk off Hamms and PBR but like to have my Burbon Gingers.

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Jul 29 2015 07:52 AM

Posted by tugboat in General Nonsense


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should i move? where should i mov to? please help

Jul 29 2015 04:39 AM

suggestions must take into consideration
-i hate everybody
-i dont like working

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