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Celebs that you have a boner for.

Today, 08:28 AM

post them.

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Confessions 2.0

Today, 07:28 AM

Posted by ADD_Kid in General Nonsense
I liked the old confessions thread so yeah... here's the sequel.
Let me go first:
I still can'ts reads music. And dear Lord I tried. Got more, but now it's your turn to spill your guts.

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Internet "Dating."

Today, 01:51 AM

I know there's a ton of "OKStupid pt.x) threads, but now that mobile GPS activated internet social networks have been on the rise (Tinder), what are some of the best (worst) interactions being had on these expansive networks? (OKCupid is still works.)


I have plenty of gems from Scruff.



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Really weird commercials

Yesterday, 11:49 PM

Back in the late 90's and into the mid-2000's television commercials started to get pretty weird. It seemed like a, somewhat, refreshing new approach by marketing companies to outdo one another on the bizzaro factor. I would really like it if you shared some of the weirder commercials you remember. 


I never saw this Skittles commercial, until now. 


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Japanese man self-immolates in pro-pacifist constitution protest

Yesterday, 11:46 PM

Posted by blackarm in General Nonsense

god damn




A middle-aged man has set himself on fire in the center of the Japanese capital in an apparent protest to government plans to change Japan’s pacifist constitution. Authorities hosed the man down and immediately rushed him to hospital.

In a dramatic act of protest, the protester scaled a pedestrian bridge outside a main train station in the Shinjuku neighborhood. He then proceeded to make a speech through a megaphone condemning Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plans to expand the use of the Japanese military by reforming the constitution.



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30+ MOCers only

Yesterday, 11:43 PM

Ok, so I know there a few of us on here. I have been away from MOC for a LONG time. I want to say ten years, but I have a feeling MOC hasnt even been around that long. I have recently found myself back here because I want some anonymous interaction. You know, wax philosophic and get all pedantic and shit. Anyway, Im feeling WAAAAAAAY out of touch lately. Its a bit confusing to me because Im getting this sort of sinking feeling that maybe I was always a little out of touch, I was just really good at fooling myself that everything was ok.
Meanwhile back in reality, everything was NOT ok.

I dunno, maybe Im being a bit melodramatic, but I feel like one of those people that is going to start whining about the "way things use to be" and "the good ole days". Fuck.

SHoot me now.

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Stuff you want

Yesterday, 11:36 PM

Posted Image

Look at this beauty, omg

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Would I be comfortable in your house (apt., dwelling space, domicle, your Mom's house, etc)?

Yesterday, 11:36 PM

I live in a duplex where all bills are paid. I do not have central heat and air and since I don't pay for my electricity I try to take full advantage of the situation. I have 4 window AC units. 2 came with it and could probably satiate most people. I added 2 because I am always hot and want to live in a meat cooler. 

I have one in the living room, one in the dining room, one in the kitchen, and one in my bedroom. If my bathroom had a window I would put an AC unit in there too. That's it. That's 4 out of 5 rooms. 

I sat outside all day today working a garage sale and it felt so amazing to come into my house. It was so hot today. 


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